Djokovic goes viral after posting his video training at very young age

Unpublished images of renowned Novak Djokovic’s first tennis lessons spread across social media this Tuesday, September 12th. Born in Belgrade, Serbia, the athlete has already shared his experiences about the difficulty of growing up during a period of conflict in the Balkan region.

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The video, recorded in 1991, when the young Serbian was just four years old, reveals the first moments in which Djokovic began to practice the sport that would establish him as one of the greatest players in history, with 24 Grand Slams won throughout his career.

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In the images, it is possible to witness the moment in which Novak Djokovic is affectionately called by his first teacher “Nole,” a nickname he carries to this day.

At 36 years old, 32 years after the footage went viral on social media, Djokovic still occupies the number one position in the world rankings and holds the record for remaining in that position throughout the history of the sport.

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