Sheerie Edwards a Broward College professor is the 2022 Florida state Criterium champion

A woman in a mission, racing the Win Win game

2022 Florida State Criterium podium (Photo:Instagram )

Sheerie has made her name on the cycling scene winning several races and became Florida State CRIT Champion with only 8 months of racing experience. She also was recognized at Allclubs LA Black Tie Gala, where she was presented with the “Superior Performance” award by Mr. Bahati and the Gala weekend committee. 

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“ It was a true honor to be recognized by a 10x National Champion, mentor and fellow cyclist for doing something I truly love” – She said.

Race History Include:
– Florida State Criterium Championship: 1st Place in Category
– Alabama Cycling Classic 2022 – Piedmont Criterium: 1st Place Overall
– Swamp Classic Criterium 2022: 1st Place Overall
– Miami Prix Crit Series 2022:
February, 5th Place in Category.
March, 2nd Place in Category.
May, 1st Place in Category
– Chain of Lakes Road Race 2022: 5th Place in Category

Sheerie Edwards holding the “Superior Performance” of the year award (Photo: Instagram )

1. Sheerie, please briefly describe how cycling took over your life and how you see the future of cycling as one of the only African American women in South Florida racing peloton, therefore empowering the growth and development of Black women cyclists.

S.E.  Cycling started as a way for me to stay in shape during the pandemic but I fell in love with it. Never in my wildest dreams, I thought a hobby would become a way for me to make history while creating a space for other black women cyclists to exist. Right now I’m in my second year being a part of the Abundance Project led by Ayesha McGowan which gives a chance to minority women to participate in racing nationwide. This experience is amazing yet humbling that through me, black women from South Florida and beyond can have a place of their own in the pace lines and pelotons. 

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2. Sustaining the body’s hydration and nutrition levels, could be a little difficult, especially for a Crit Racer and Ride leader like you. What are your choices of food, fluids, and supplements for before, during, and after long rides of 50+ miles and races?

S.E. First and foremost, a balanced diet with substantial hydration like water and electrolytes above all is important. I am a brand ambassador for Science in Sport and they have a wide range of gels and tablets that I use before, during, and after my races. My go to products are an Electrolyte Hydration powder and Beta Fuel gels

 3. How was winning Florida State Crit Race 2022 title having a career impressively developed in a very short period of time?

S.E. It’s truly an honor to have such a title so early on in my career. I owe it to the relentless training schedule developed by my coach, Giancarlo Bianchi, that often requires many early mornings, and time on my trainer during inclement weather all while keeping up with my responsibilities as a Rapha Ambassador with the Miami Clubhouse and my career. I hope to keep the momentum going while inspiring others to reach for their goal while juggling so many other responsibilities

4. What is your opinion on the proposal to house the city’s homeless population in tiny portable homes on Virginia Key beach park?

S.E. This is a tough situation because the homeless need services and protection, the park is a thoroughfare for a lot of families and cyclists all while being a historic landmark as the first “blacks only” beach and recreational area in Miami. My hope is that a satisfactory resolution is reached for all parties.

 5. As a peloton ride Leader, how safe do you think riding in Miami is? In your opinion, is there anything that still unaddressed to make it safer?

S.E. In my opinion, Miami as a whole was not designed for cycling. There are decent pockets here and there but overall there’s just too much congestion to ride safely. There are some parts that have the bright green bike lanes but sometimes the motorists just don’t care to pay attention. When you think of Weston in Broward county, the bike lanes are wider, cleaner and the drivers are used to seeing cyclists. It’s a smaller, cycling-friendly community. The attitude towards cyclists there is different. In 2022 alone, I know of several cyclists who were hit by cars while riding in bike lanes and obeying all laws. One person even lost his life. Something widespread has to happen in order for real change to occur.

6. Recently you were involved in a bike crash, would you share details of the incident and how did you overcome the trauma pos crash?

S.E. Yes, I was involved in a bike crash during the road race at the Swamp Classic in Micanopy, FL. This was the first of 3 races in the stage race. With every race or ride, there is a chance of crashing. There was tight space between me and another racer, another competitor came up from behind and underestimated the room between me and her to pass and ended up bumping my handlebar, thus causing me to crash. Luckily, all I had was a few bruises. No major injuries or concussions. I took it slow and relaxed post-crash by making sure I rested and kept an eye on my bruises. By the second-day post-race, I was back on the smart trainer, but I made sure when it was time to rest, I really rested. I had training in Arizona several days later so it was important to be ready for that. I had plenty of support from my family, friends, and cycle family. That makes a big difference.

Sheerie Edwards wearing the 1 first place jersey. (Photo: Instagram )


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