Homeless man attacks 3 cyclists in Key Biscayne, Florida

Police arrested a man after attacking cyclists and stealing a bike

A homeless man was apprehended and now faces armored robbery charges for multiple alleged attacks on cyclists attempting to steal their bikes on Crandon Marina/bike lane on Thursday, October 27th.

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MCS talked exclusively with one of the victims regarding the history behind the incident who provided cruciating details from the attack:

A homeless person was walking in the Crandon Blvd bike lane at Key Biscayne. When I passed him while riding my bike, he suddenly hit me in the face with some rocks that were inside a tied-up shirt.
After that, he proceeded to do the same to 3 other cyclists and was able to knock one of them out of the bike and steal his bike. Thanks to the proximity and fast response of the Miami-Dade Police patrols in the area, they were able to capture the subject in front of the Crandon Marina”, revealed the victim.

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Stephen Mangrum, 43, (the attacker) struck one cyclist with a heavy rock wrapped in a T-shirt. Miami Dade police officer confirmed.

The aggressor allegedly took the cyclist’s bike and rode away from the scene after the incident, leaving the injured cyclist without his belongings.

“Later on the same day, two other victims were reporting a similar attack, which helped the police officers to spot the aggressor, still riding the stolen bike”, police said.

The police officer took the man into custody and the victims were able to identify Stephen Mangrum, as described in the Miami Police report.

A detective attempted to question the attacker, but said “the defendant was speaking incoherently where he mentioned having built pyramids and written the Bible.”

Stephen Mangrum remains detained on a $40,500 bond on charges of armed robbery, attempted armed robbery, aggravated battery, and resisting arrest without violence.

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